Selected videos

Discussing the book, Claims of innocence: An introduction to wrongful convictions and how they might be challenged. Click here for the video.

General lecture at an annual LawWorks conference on the causes of miscarriages of justice and the difficulties faced by prisoners maintaining innocence. Click here for the video.

Interviewed by Brian Thornton: “What is Innocence Network UK” (in three parts). Click here, here and here for the videos.

Short film on Innocence Network UK (INUK) and the University of Bristol Innocence Project. Click here for the video.

Talking about the limitations of eyewitness identification in the introduction to Jennifer Thompson’s talk on ‘Innocence and Forgiveness’. Click here for the video.

2016: Interviewed (with Mike O’ Brien) on Boon TV, Yerevan, Armenia: ‘The causes of, and protections against, miscarriages of justice’, 5 February. Click here for the video.