Empowering the Innocent (ETI)

ETI was established with three interconnected purposes:


ETI conducts general research on wrongful conviction and imprisonment and specific research on claims of innocence by alleged victims of wrongful conviction and/or imprisonment to highlight the challenges and obstacles that they face in trying to overturn their convictions, raise awareness of their plight and strengthen their voices in their struggles for justice.

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ETI communicates its research findings to educate widely on the causes of wrongful convictions and the often insurmountable barriers that alleged innocent victims of wrongful convictions and/or imprisonment face in trying to overturn their wrongful convictions within the existing systems to strengthen its calls for the transformation of the criminal justice system to enable innocent victims to overturn their wrongful convictions.

Click here for Dr Michael Naughton’s publications on miscarriages of justice and the wrongful conviction and imprisonment of the innocent.


ETI communicates the findings of its researches on wrongful conviction and/or imprisonment widely, to governmental agencies, professional bodies, non-governmental organisations, the media, and so on, with the overall aim of transforming the criminal justice system so that innocent victims can overturn their wrongful convictions when they occur.

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