Empowering the Innocent (ETI) builds on the dossier of 44 plausible wrongful conviction cases that was compiled by Dr Naughton when he was Director of Innocence Network UK (INUK).

Despite continuing doubts about the evidence that led to their convictions, all of the cases in the dossier were refused a referral to the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) at least once by the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) because they were deemed to not fulfil the ‘real possibility’ test under s.13 of the Criminal Appeal Act 1995.

Not only does this leave alleged victims of wrongful convictions who may be innocent unable to overturn their convictions, it means that offenders are at liberty with the potential to commit further serious crimes if the alleged victims in the dossier of cases are innocent.

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In addition, Empowering the Innocent (ETI) will feature additional plausible cases of alleged innocent victims of wrongful convictions in the Empowering the Innocent publication and on Empowering the Innocent TV .

This will add to the growing evidence of the CCRC’s failings in dealing with claims of innocence by alleged innocent applicants and strengthen the campaign for the CCRC to be reformed or replaced so innocent victims can overturn their wrongful convictions.